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Suryapet Municipality



Year of Constitution 1952 (up graded as Gr. Municipality vide G.O.M.S.No.385,Dated:07/11/1998
Area in Sq.Kms 23.45 Sq.Kms
Distance to State Capital 135.0 Kms
Head Quarters 45.0 Kms
Annual Rain fall 800 m.m. Latitude 17-5 North
Longitude 79-37 East
Altitude 169.51 m.(elevation) to 1666.22m (556 to 578 Fts)
Strength of Council 28 + 3 co-opted members
No.of Election wards 28
No. of Revenue wards /Census Localities Revenue Wards     3
Census Localities - 74
Special features if any The town generally known as gateway of Telanga


POPULATION (As per 2001 Census ) : 94660

Male Female
49119 45541
Density of Population per Sq.Km. :4037 / Sq.Km

Statistical Information of Civic Infrastructure


C.C. 9.800
B.T. 33.975
   WBM 89.360
Gravel 82.200



Kutcha 60.00
Pacca 137.60


No. of Street lights 3200
Trees planted 7500
   No. of P.S. ps 613
No. of House Service Connections






No of Bore wells fitted with Sub Mersible motor 30
No of Bore wells fitted with Pump sets 385
No. of Shop rooms 18
Water supply position 18 Lakhs gallons.
Urban Helth Centres 3
No.of slums 44
Slum population 42931
No.of T & C groups 270
No.of DWCUA groups 25
No.of Burial grounds 06
No.of Community Latrines 07
No.of toilets construcation under ILCS Programme 2519
No.of Provate Toilets 8274
No.of Public wells 14
No.of Markets 8
No.of Community Halls 8
No.of Municipal Halls 3
No.of Private tractors 7
No.of R.W.H.S (Vol.in.cum.) 1000 (46260 cum.)
No.of staff 277
Salary bill per month 15.00 Lakhs.



Apart from Government funds, the Municipality is providng civic obligatory funcations like repair of damaged roads, drains,culverts,street lighting and water supply to the public from general funds .Self Employment schemes like purchase of tractor, installation of Hallow Bick units,Tent house ,DWCUA Super Bazer are being introduced to provide Self




This Municipality is maintaining roads to a length of 215.33 Kms as detaled below.

Paccs roads 89.360 Kms
Kacha roads 82.200 Kms.
   B.T. roads 33.975 Kms.
c.c. roads 9.800 Kms.

Total : 215.35 Kms.

Daily about 60 Mt of dust and garbage is generated and the P.H workers are used to remove the garbage. Private sanitataion is introduced in 18 wards. There is no compost yard in suryapet municipality . All the garbage is being dumped in low laying areas outside the municipal limits. On the whole the sanitataaion is satifactory.


      This Municipality is maintaining the drains to a length of 197.60 Kms as detailed below.

      Major drains 6.550 Kms.
      Minor drains 8.500 Kms.

      Surface drains

      122.600 Kms.

      Kacha drains 60.00 Kms

      137.650 Kms

      The desilting of major drains have already been taken up as a part of sanitataion.


As per the survey conducted by S.C.corporation and Municipality there are 21 families of Safari Karmacharies. Most of these families are engaged in Muncipality and other Government offices, Industries Units etc. They are predominantly occupied in two slum areas.

These slum areas have been developed with civic infrastructure at an estimated cost of Rs. 50.00 Lakhs

There are 7 Community Latrines including 1 Sulabh Complex. The families of Safari Karmacharies have been provided with 3 Tricycles under EXNORA scheme. They will collect garbage from door to door on daily basis and earning about Rs.1000/- permonth. One DWCUA group has been formulated a necessary proposals to purchase of S.C. Corporation, Nalgonda.

The muncipality is purchasing all sanitory materials from this sanitory mart@ Rs. 0.60 Lakhs per annum.

There are no dry type community or individual latrines in this Municipality. Two dry type latrines have been converted into pour fluch water seal borne latrines under I.L.C.S. Programme. However, there are drainage latrines existing in 4 wards and notices have been served on them to construct pits to avoid the flow of human excreta directly into drains.


1. Drinking Water

Suryapet twon is having protected water supplyseheme with Musi Reservoir as a main source. A quantity of 10.00 Lakhs gallons of raw water per day is being drawn from Musi Reservoir which is 18 Kms far away from the town. Additional quantity of 7.43 Lakhs of water per day is also supplying through 30 power bore wells thus 17.43 Lakhs gallon water per daily is supplying @ 17.5 GPCD. In addition to that 385 hand pumps 6300 house service connections and 613 public stand posts are existing. The maintenance cost of scheme is 80.00 Lakhs.

2. Sanitation

There are 28 election wards in Suryapet Municipality, at present the Municipality is maintaining the roads to a length of 133.135 Kms besides 137.60 Kms pacca drains and 60.00 Kms Kacha drains. The total strength of sanitory workers is 109.

As per the instructions of the Government and with a view to keep town tidy. Sanitation on privatisation basis is taken up in 18 municipal wards, where in hotels, hospitals, markets, Bus stand and shops are situated more over there is a scope of generationof more garbage. DWCUA group women also admired by the people of the town. Altogether 3 municipal tractors and 5 private tractors are engaged for sanitation in the town. All major drains and minor drains are desilted.


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